Sunday, December 03, 2006


When your customers buy your product, do they base their decision on price, quality or service? When you make a purchase, how do you choose a supplier? Chances are that all three items come into play.
These days, I find that price makes a big difference to many of my customers. However, I let them know that a low price without good service and quality will not make them happy. Many times when I give quotes on printing, and the initial reaction is, "That's a lot!". My answer is always, "Compared to what?". Most people don't have something to compare it with, and those that think they do, usually don't.
Clients don't always take time spent working on a job into consideration. Typesetting a journal, for instance, takes a large amount of time. A customer who balked at my price decided to typeset a jounal herself, and found out how time consuming it is. She let me typeset it next time. Also, typesetting is not just about capturing keystrokes; there is an art to it. And if I hear one more time, "You're just going to do it on the computer.", I will scream!
My largest purchase is usually paper. I want my supplier to give me the best price, but I also want good paper, and a timely delivery. If the paper won't run through my press and I can't get it when I need it, price doesn't matter.
Remember that price does not have to be the end all when buying. Sometimes educating your client or prospect about price versus quality and service will get that sale.


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