Sunday, September 03, 2006


I've been researching blogs and websites in search of knowledge and ideas. It's amazing to me what, and who, is out there in blogsville. Of course my kids reply is, "Dad, it's the world wide web." I know. I grew up with TV, and it rarely amazes me. This is a learning experience.
Luckily, my wife, Susan, is a seasoned veteran. She is my blog rabbi for all my stupid questions. (Yes, we tell our children there are no stupid questions, but come on.) When I was doing my preblog searches, she asked me why I was doing that. Just start your blog!So here I am.
From my research, I see that we start blogging for many reasons. I started this as a discouse on business, and to maybe bring added traffic to my company website. I now see the business potential that blogging has. After reading many of the pieces of free advice, I am impressed how limitless this medium is. There are many directions to take in search of income.
It's good to make a few bucks, but I enjoy talking about business. I look at situations and look at the business motivations below the surface. My family recently spent a week renting a house on North Carolina's Outer Banks. It was my first time there, and I was astounded by the amount of houses being built. Vacationers are induced to buy property that will pay for itself with rentals. Of course the same real estate companies that sell, also handle the rentals. I saw many empty rentals and many older houses for sale. It seems that real estate and construction firms are making money, but some homeowners are finding it difficult to own their vacation homes.
Doing business is often a win-lose situation, where the business makes money, and someone, either a customer or supplier, loses money. Does it have to be like this? Sometimes, yes. You don't want a lose-win business. (That's called a write-off or a hobby.)
A win-win business, obviously, is paramount as far as I'm concerned. We'll talk more about this. After all, It's Only Business.


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