Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I usually enjoy talking to some of my customers that walk through my door. One of my discussions today was with a man who is opening a new restaurant across the street. I had printed business cards and take-out menus already, and he was looking to get varied fliers tailored to bring in different people.
I started to discuss why the previous restaurant in his location had gone out of business, hoping he could learn from their mistakes. He explained to me his vision of food, based on what his mother had taught him and his two brothers/partners: fresh ingredients, small batches,and attention to all details. Then he told me that all food will be free on Sundays! As a businessman that floored me.
He told me that it was his duty as a child of God to give back to the community. I said that was wonderful, charity is important, but the first struggling year of a business can mean future success or failure. He expresssed that his faith in God will mean success as long as he believes.
I replied that faith is very important to me too, but, after 21 years in business, I know a few things about running a small enterprise, and I would be happy to share my knowledge. After all, I have a vested interest for my customers to do well.
He smiled broadly and said, "God has been good to bring me to you today". I grinned and replied, "I guess so".
It's only business, but you gotta believe.


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