Sunday, September 17, 2006


When you want to sell your products, you have to get people to your business, and get them in a buying mood. Putting this together is no easy task. However, when we were vacationing in North Carolina's Outer Banks, I saw a great example of creative marketing.
The Outer Banks is a dog friendly vacation haven. I've never seen so many dogs on the beach or anywhere else for that matter. A pet store in the town of Duck, aptly named the Outer Barks, has a "yappy" hour every week for dogs and their owners. The canines are treated to homemade ice cream, cakes and buscuits. There is a wading pool and paw print art for our four-legged friends. There is also wine and cheese for the adults, and juice for the kids.
My pug, Shana, really enjoyed the wading pool, and I sat there with her enjoying the great view of the sound. My wife went inside the store to buy some biscuits and get me a cup of wine. She informed me of the buying frenzy that was going on; not just biscuits and collars, but big ticket items like framed numbered prints.
They also have a weekly Barker Brunch that, I hear, is well attended. You can visit them when you're in Duck, or see them at It's only business, but you have to know your customer, and doggedly market to them.


At 1:06 PM, Blogger Jersey Girl said...

I love that picture. I've seen it before, and now, as well as then I 'm stunned by how much they look alike!!!


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